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Why You Still Need SEO, Even If Your Website Ranks Well

30 Jan, 2018 Business Admin


With many of the digital strategy engagements we embark on with clients, we often get asked if they need to do SEO for their website even though they are currently ranking well in Google.

This is a great question that usually prompts us to ask, what do you mean by “ranks well”?. To which we usually get one of a handful of answers such as:

1. When we search for our name we are there – which is great if all you want is branded traffic, and/or have a huge marketing budget to put towards increasing branded searches.

2. When we search for our products or services we see our website show up – this is also great. However, be aware that Google can customize their search results based on your activity, meaning you’re most likely seeing search results tailored to you, and not what your potential customs see.

3. We get alot of Google traffic – traffic has many benefits, however unless you are a website whose revenue model relies on advertising, just increasing traffic has its limitations towards growing your business.

With that said, if you’re currently ranking well in Google, the first rule that an SEO company or professional SEO consultant should have, is to do no harm. Before making any SEO recommendations, they should first evaluate your rankings, website, content, and conversions to determine what level of SEO your website needs.

Do you need SEO even if you’re website is ranking well?

The short answer is yes, you should have some level of engagement on the spectrum of SEO strategies – the engagement level is determined by your business’s SEO maturity. Below are three reasons you should be doing some level of SEO at all times.

Rankings Today May Be Gone Tomorrow

The reason you still need SEO, is that marketing does not happen in a vacuum. Your competition is evolving and creating new experiences and content that they’ve optimized. Because of this, it requires you to continue to create value for your users. Our CEO always puts it this way…

Time Is Not On Your Side

SEO takes time to begin working. Think back to when you first launched your business website. You didn’t just launch your website and get instant rankings – it took time. Thus if you’re not doing SEO, once you competitors pass you in the search results, it will take that much more time to get your rankings back.

SEO Is So Much More Than Rankings

The last reason, is that SEO is so much more than rankings. We talk to many business owners who are going after #1 rankings, and think that will solve all their growth problems – it won’t.

This obsession with rankings usually leads them down the road of using an SEO company or consultant who guarantees rankings, or one that will get short term rankings at the expense of their brand and business as a whole.

Great SEO includes:

. Website Audits

. Brand Building

. Conversion Optimization

. Analytics Reporting

. Ongoing On-page Optimization

. Content Strategy

. Content Creation

. Website Experience Building


One of the many reasons we offer services that most traditional SEO companies don’t, is because we understand that SEO is so much more than getting great search engine rankings.

Every web strategy that impacts your website – those that change the design or structure, those that earn inbound links, PR campaigns, content changes, or paid search marketing campaigns that increase website traffic – will ultimately impact your SEO rankings.

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